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May 20, 2023
Hinemoana Halo Ocean Initiative

“Oceania is vast, Oceania is expanding, Oceania is hospitable and generous, Oceania is humanity rising from the depths of brine and regions of fire deeper still, Oceania is us. We […]

July 7, 2022
Value wild animals’ carbon services to fill the biodiversity financing gap
May 25, 2022
Financing conservation by valuing carbon services produced by wild animals

The involvement of financial markets is critical to deliver effective and long-lasting solutions to mitigate climate change and reverse biodiversity loss. However, financial markets have not invested in ecosystem services […]

April 21, 2022
Toward a Nature-Based Economy

Frontiers in Climate: Policy Brief

April 6, 2022
The Future of Nature Markets

By Ralph Chami, Marcelo Furtado and Simon Zadek Produced for the Task Force on Nature Markets Finance for Biodiversity

December 18, 2021
The urgent need to create a nature-based economy

Read in "Marine & Oceans"

September 20, 2021
Frontiers: The Role of Blue Carbon in Climate Change Mitigation and Carbon Stock Conservation
January 19, 2021
Rebalance Earth
January 2, 2021
Blue Boat Initiative

The Blue BOAT Initiative (Buoy Oceanographic Alert Technology) is a joint national project between the Chilean Ministry of the Environment and MERI Foundation, which aims to preserve and protect whales, […]

December 15, 2020
The Secret Work of Elephants: Finance & Development, IMF. Winter 2020


September 4, 2020
On Valuing Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change: A Framework with Application to Elephants and Whales

A Framework with Applications to Elephants and Whales Technical paper on the methodology

August 20, 2020
T-20 Policy Brief: Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change: Towards a Blue Carbon Economy Future

Oceans are both the greatest victims of climate change and its greatest mitigators. This policy brief urges the G20 to strengthen the role of blue carbon (BC), nature-based solutions (NbS) […]

December 19, 2019
Nature’s Solution to Climate Change, Finance & Development, IMF. December 2019

Finance & Development, IMF

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