Who we are

We are professionals trained in financial markets, economic modeling, and policy who have decades of experience teaching, researching, consulting and advising. We are concerned with the fate of our planet and we are dedicated to using our skills to connect ideas and people to make a better blue-green future for everyone.


Our current economic paradigm is flawed.  It treats nature as a limitless resource that is unaffected by human activity.  As a result, we have overloaded our atmosphere with carbon, cut down our forests, polluted our oceans with plastics, degraded our ecosystems, and reduced biodiversity through habitat destruction.

Markets generally value nature only when it provides specific commodities and inputs. Ironically, only dead creatures, such as whales and elephants, have market value.  But living nature has a price of zero!


Because our current paradigm overlooks the value of an intact and thriving nature, we are living beyond the planet’s ability to sustain us. We face accelerating global warming, increased threat of pandemics, and erosion of nature’s capacity to deliver the services upon which our lives and livelihoods depend.


It is time for a new paradigm.


At Blue Green Future, we work with multiple stakeholders — conservation groups, academic institutions, research centers, foundations, enterprises, financial institutions, and governments — to provide policy advice aimed at creating a new economic paradigm and the new markets it makes possible.


The new economic paradigm we are helping to establish acknowledges that our economy depends on nature and embeds ecology into our economic choices.


The new markets we are helping create value the flow of benefits to humanity that nature produces.

Our Team

Ralph Chami, Ph.D.



Policy expert, Researcher, Professor

  • Over 30 years of experience as a financial economist, with 22 years at the IMF and currently as Assistant Director at the Institute for Capacity Development.
  • Operational expertise working with fragile states worldwide and providing training and capacity development on macro-financial economic policy.
  • A broad range of research topics include remittances, fragile states, inclusive growth, banking regulation, and most recently, how to bring the valuation of natural capital to mitigate climate change and the biodiversity crisis.

Connel Fullenkamp, Ph.D.


Connel Fullenkamp 2021 (1)

Professor, Policy Expert, Teacher

  • Over 30 years of experience researching financial markets
  • Expertise in financial market development and regulation
  • Superb communication skills: has won multiple teaching awards and recorded 4 successful courses on financial economics for The Great Courses

Dinah Nieburg, PhD


Dinah headshot 1

Nature Advocate, Executive Coach & Psychologist

  • Ten years as a nature advocate and fundraiser for the protection and conservation of elephants, bonobos, and whales.
  • Three years on the Board of the Great Whale Conservancy.
  • Over 35 years combined experience as an executive coach and psychologist, manager of multi-cultural teams, and a training and development specialist.

Thomas Cosimano, PhD


Tom Cosimano pic

Researcher, Mathematical and Computational Modeler

  • Emeritus Professor, University of Notre Dame, with over 40 publications in top journals in economics and finance
  • Innovative approaches to modeling featured in the Handbook of Computational Economics
  • Recent work involves validating the International Monetary Fund’s models used for risk management


Carlos Duarte

Carlos Duarte - repositioned

Distinguished Professor, Global Ocean Restoration Catalyst, Blue Carbon Expert

  • A world authority on understanding the effects of global change in marine ecosystems.
  • Developed the concept of “blue carbon,” showing mangroves, seagrasses, and salt marshes as globally relevant carbon sinks.
  • Has published over 950 scientific papers and has been ranked as the top worldwide and the 12th most influential climate scientist in the world.


Fabio Berzaghi, PhD

Fabio Berzaghi, Ph.D. - Blue Green Future

Elephant and Fauna Researcher, Climate Scientist, Conservationist

  • Researcher at the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences, a French laboratory that provides science for initiatives such as the IPCC reports and global carbon monitoring.
  • Background in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in ecology.
  • His research intersects ecology, climate sciences, and conservation.
  • Studies the role of animals in maintaining healthy ecosystems and how interactions between plants, animals, and the environment influence climate by changing the state of the biosphere.

Belinda Bramley


Sustainable Blue Economy Consultant, Cross-Pollinator of Solutions

  • Environmentalist, chartered accountant, and freelance consultant focused on holistic blue economy solutions which champion life below water
  • Knowledgeable in marine biodiversity conservation tools and approaches and the blue economy paradigm
  • Skilled in financial analysis and management; research and insights; communication, and cross-pollination.

Rayyan Chami

Rayyan Chami - substitute image cropped

Intergenerational Equity Advisor, Musician & Poet, Animal Rights Advocate

  • Challenges generational thinking and false narratives to awaken an equitable and sustainable way of life.
  • Creates music across multiple instruments to connect through the universal language./li>
  • Advocates for animal rights and protection through a vegan lifestyle and campaigns.

Roger Fleming


Ocean Law Expert, Whale & Ocean Advocacy

  • Over 20 years of experience in ocean law, campaign strategy, and policy development.
  • Represented conservationists and fishermen in cases and campaigns resulting in protections for thousands of square miles of ocean habitat, the marine forage base, and working waterfronts.
  • Current work focuses on innovative solutions that protect North Atlantic right whales and other large whales from entanglement and ship strikes.

David Guggenheim, PhD


Scientist, Conservation Policy Advisor, Coral Expert

  • Scientist, conservation policy specialist, ocean explorer, submarine pilot, author, and educator.
  • Founder and president of Ocean Doctor, a Washington DC-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • Leads collaborative research and conservation efforts in Cuba focused on advancing economically- and environmentally-sustainable solutions for coastal communities that protect and sustain coral reef ecosystems with a focus on coral reef ecosystems and environmental economics.

Nathalie Hilmi

Nathalie Hilmi - cropped for bio

Lead IPCC Author, Environmental Economics and Policy Expert, Professor and Lecturer

  • Lead author for IPCC Chapters including Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC); Working Group II AR6 on “climate-resilient development pathways”.
  • Section Head of Environmental Economics at the Monaco Scientific Center, work includes studying the socioeconomic extent of impacts and costs of action versus inaction concerning carbon emissions.
  • Professor and lecturer in macroeconomics and finance.

Zack Klyver

Zack Klyver - Blue Green Future

Whale conservationist, Naturalist, Science Director

  • Science Director of Blue Planet Strategies, focus is conservation of North Atlantic right whale through advocacy, policy and development of ropeless fishing technology.
  • 30-year plus whale watch research and naturalist leading tours around the world.
  • President of FLUKES: international Whale Tours