The American University of Beirut presents the Health Sciences Talk Series

Humanity is facing the twin risks of climate change and the loss of nature and its biodiversity. These risks are linked due to human activity. The current economic model has operated under the assumption that the economy sits outside of nature. This has allowed for an over-focus on economic growth at the expense of a living and thriving nature, with the result that we are now facing existential risk to humanity.

This Health Sciences Talk Series will highlight how we arrived at this current situation, and present a nature-based solution to the twin risks. He will showcase a new economic framework that ensures sustainable and shared prosperity that is nature and people positive.

Ralph Chami will be presenting The Value of a Living Nature to Our Health and Economic Well Being



Changing Climate/Changing Strategies

Valuing natural capital: The Blue Boat Initiative

With Dr Ralph Chami, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Patricia Morales from Filantropia Cortes Solari
Moderation: Dr Marianne Schörling, Dr Daniel Samaan
Brought to you by the Geneva Macro Labs

Webinar hosted by Institute for International Economic Policy.

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