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We are innovators and thought leaders for natural capital finance and a nature-based economy

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The Blue Green Future team is made up of experts in financial markets, economic modeling, policy, leadership, and psychology, with decades of experience teaching, researching, consulting and advising. Concerned with the fate of our planet, we are dedicated to using our life-long skills and experience to create a better blue-green future.

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Our Mission

To build a regenerative, inclusive, and equitable future that places living nature at the center.

We value natural capital — blue and green, fauna and flora, design financial instruments, and provide policy advice to secure a future that is both environmentally and economically sustainable.

“If we are to create a better world, we all need to become better stewards of nature.” - Ralph Chami


Ralph Chami, Ph.D
Co-Founder & CEO
Policy expert, Researcher, Professor
  • Over 30 years of experience as a financial economist, with 22 years at the IMF and currently as Assistant Director at the Institute for Capacity Development.
  • Operational expertise working with fragile states worldwide and providing training and capacity development on macro-financial economic policy.
  • A broad range of research topics include remittances, fragile states, inclusive growth, banking regulation, and most recently, how to bring the valuation of natural capital to mitigate climate change and the biodiversity crisis.
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Connel Fullenkamp Ph.D
Co-Founder & President
Professor, Policy Expert, Teacher
  • Over 30 years of experience researching financial markets
  • Expertise in financial market development and regulation
  • Superb communication skills: has won multiple teaching awards and recorded 4 successful courses on financial economics for The Great Courses
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Dinah Nieburg Ph.D
Co-Founder & COO
Nature Advocate, Executive Coach & Psychologist
  • Ten years as a nature advocate and fundraiser for the protection and conservation of elephants, bonobos, and whales.
  • Three years on the Board of the Great Whale Conservancy.
  • Over 35 years combined experience as an executive coach and psychologist, manager of multi-cultural teams, and a training and development specialist.
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Thomas Cosimano Ph.D

Co-Founder & CFO
Researcher, Mathematical and Computational Modeler
  • Emeritus Professor, University of Notre Dame, with over 40 publications in top journals in economics and finance
  • Innovative approaches to modeling featured in the Handbook of Computational Economics
  • Recent work involves validating the International Monetary Fund’s models used for risk management
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Chief Scientist

Carlos Duarte

Distinguished Professor, Global Ocean Restoration Catalyst, Blue Carbon Expert
  • A world authority on understanding the effects of global change in marine ecosystems.
  • Developed the concept of “blue carbon,” showing mangroves, seagrasses, and salt marshes as globally relevant carbon sinks.
  • Has published over 950 scientific papers and has been ranked as the top worldwide and the 12th most influential climate scientist in the world.
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Advisors & Consultants

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